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Infusion Center located in White Plains, NY

Serene Infusion and Wellness Center

About Us

Serene Infusion and Wellness Center is an infusion specialty practice where patients can receive medical and wellness infusions in a single place. Located in White Plains, New York, the practice operates under the careful supervision of board-certified internist Raj Buddhavarapu, MD. The team of providers on staff takes a collaborative approach to give patients well-rounded and effective care.

The team at Serene Infusion and Wellness Center works with other providers and specialists to provide closely supervised medical infusions in the comfort of their office. Serene offers traditional and prescribed Medical Infusions that include IV antibiotics, immune modulators, or immune globulin infusion therapy and also Wellness Infusions like Energy Booster, Immune Booster, Hydration therapy, Antioxidant Therapy Vitamin C, B Complex, B12 Injections etc. 

Serene Infusion and Wellness Center has a trained Physician onsite to offer Ketamine Infusion, under complete medical supervision treating various types of chronic (long-term) pain and depression associated with it, giving patients the option to minimize or avoid riskier habit-forming medications like opioids.

Serene Infusion and Wellness Center offers clients to REPLENISH – REHYDRATE – REJUVINATE within minutes with plenty to choose from special cocktails created by our medical staff Vitamin drips, Hydration, Myers Cocktail, Antioxidants like Glutathione to improve immunity and elevate their overall sense of wellness, among other diverse benefits. The practice also offers NAD+ infusions for detoxification and a natural energy boost. 

The team currently welcomes new and returning patients to explore their broad selection of medical and wellness infusions. Call Serene Infusion and Wellness Center or schedule an initial treatment consultation online today.